Approaching Thunder: 1940s British Drawings from The Hepworth, Wakefield

Henry Moore

This week we’re looking at an exhibition held at Kirkby Gallery in 2018. Approaching Thunder was a fabulous selection of 1940s prints and drawings created by artists employed by the War Artists Advisory Committee, kindly on loan from Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield. Rather than images of combat, the artists often chose to show glimpses of workers on the Home Front: in factories, mines, taking shelter in the Tube; scenes of the coast and countryside celebrating the way of life they were fighting to protect also featured.

A selection of objects from Prescot Museum’s collection were also included in the exhibition. Wherever possible, we try to get items out of the store and into public view, so any time something links to an exhibition at Kirkby Gallery, it goes on display! It seemed only fitting that we show the BI Cables fire helmet, extinguisher and fire watch route map of the factory sites, alongside a Fire Action Party helmet and stirrup pump, used by those protecting local industry and families in World War Two.