Aspire – Knowsley Community College Art & Design Foundation Diploma Show

This week, we’re looking back on 2015’s Knowsley Aspire exhibition at Huyton Gallery.The exhibition featured the final project work of Art Foundation Diploma students at Knowsley Community College.

The artists featured used an array of materials and their work took many forms including graphic design, fashion and textiles, sculptural furniture and fine art.

These images are of Charlotte Johnson’s performance piece, Breaking Tradition. We displayed the photographs alongside the paint-spattered wedding dress she wore.

Here is Charlotte’s statement about the piece and its important message: “As an artist, I always aim to create artworks that bring awareness and start conversation about issues that are topical in the news and political agenda or that are known for being controversial. In this performance piece I was inspired by gay marriage and how even though it has recently been legalised in the UK, there is still stigma surrounding the topic. This piece is very personal to myself and I want people to become more aware about gay rights and how having equal rights can really change people’s lives in the LGBT community.I wanted to express my own and other emotions surrounding the topic using a playful approach. I put all my trust into the audience and had them apply bold colours of the gay flag to the traditional wedding dress showing that the tradition between a man and a woman only being able to wed can be broken and should be between two people who love each other despite their gender, worldwide.”

Here are more images of other artworks to have featured in 2015’s Aspire exhibition, the final project work by nine Art Foundation Diploma students: Joseph Ball, Mark Connolly, Michael Evans, Michael Hayes, Brad Hurley, Charlotte Johnson, Lauren McKay, Tom Scowcroft, Liam Shelley, Lauren Titherington and Michaela Wynn.

Since 2015, Knowsley Community College and University Centre St Helens are affiliated, and the majority of arts courses are held at the St Helens campus. Creative Arts Lecturers from University Centre St Helens will be exhibiting at the UCAS Futures in the Creative Arts Virtual Exhibition on Friday 13 November, 12noon – 6pm and Saturday 14 November, 10am – 4pm.
Courses featured include BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, BA (Hons) Game Art, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, FdA Theatre and Performance, BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance (Top-up), FdSc Media Production, Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice. Click here to register to attend.

View Vortex 2020, the annual cross-artform, end of programme exhibition from University Centre St Helens HERE

Although Kirkby Gallery is currently closed, we are still programming future exhibitions, so if any emerging artists are interested in displaying their work in our Entrance Gallery, please contact us