Drawn from Life: People on Paper

This week, we are looking at 2016’s Drawn From Life: People on Paper. the image above is Reconstruction, by Barbara Hepworth, 1947. This exhibition brought together some of the finest drawings in the Arts Council Collection (with loans from the British Council Collection), including work from Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and David Hockney. It was […]

Kirkby Gallery Summer Art School

Explore Impressionism with our free online Kirkby Gallery Summer Art School. Every Wednesday for six weeks, 22 July to 26 August, we will set the week’s Impressionism-themed activities and information at 1pm, as well as details of what you will need for the following week. You can have the activities and information emailed to you […]

Family Friday – Be inspired by Lear’s Alphabet!

For this week’s #FamilyFriday, we’re inviting you to use Edward Lear as your inspiration – it’s as easy as ABC! Lear was a talented artist, and is well known for his painting and drawing animals and birds, but he is probably best known for his wild imagination. In 1846, he published A Book of Nonsense which […]

For the Love of Books

For the Love of Books, our 2012 exhibition, was the first time our focus was on the exploration into artists’ books. The image above is of Elizabeth Willow’s Minor Elizabethan Drama, Volume II. Artists’ books, artist books or book art is a broad definition which has developed from an early idea of works illustrated by […]

Family Friday – News from Home!

Write a news story about your experiences in your house, and create an illustration to go with it. You’ll need to think of a headline too! We’d love to see what you create – you can share photos of your creations in the comments of our Home Is Where The Art Is pinned post on […]

No Place Like Home

(above, Arnold Borgerth’s Window With Gifts) This Huyton Gallery exhibition from 2014, explored the concept of ‘sense of place’, which is a theme frequently explored by artists and writers.In a world where the concept of place has become as broad as it has narrow, this exhibition investigated how and why people have attachments to certain […]

Family Friday – Crafted Badges

For this week’s Family Friday, be inspired by Crafted artist Gray’s brilliant badges, and make your own! We’ve adapted our badge-making activity sheet by the fab Kathrine Anderson so you can join in at home using the materials you have to hand. Design your badge featuring whatever you love, and you can literally wear your […]

Wednesday Art Challenge – Perspective

For Gill’s Wednesday Art Challenge this week, we’re exploring perspective. Perspective is based upon representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface/plain, so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other. It is usually referred to as the way objects appear smaller when they are further […]

Crafted – Five Exhibitions of Contemporary Craft, Art & Design

This week we have chosen to focus on all things Crafted, an exhibition that has had five incarnations so far, an exciting showcase of contemporary crafts makers, artists and designers. The image above is one of Julie Dodd’s nature-inspired delicate paper sculptures from Crafted 2019. Our first ever Crafted show was in 2010; it contained […]