Joseph Bray’s WWI medals and ephemera

picture of Joseph Bray

Prescot Museum holds collections of objects and ephemera relating to numerous soldiers from the local area, one of whom is Joseph Bray. The photographs of him, his medals, memorial scroll and a letter he sent home to his mother are poignant reminders of the sacrifice made by so many young men for their country. Joseph Bray lived […]

B.I. Cable Freighter Toy – Made by Hornby Meccano

This tin toy freighter with cable drum from the 1930s was made by Hornby Meccano at the Binns Road factory, just eight miles away from Prescot Museum. The British Insulated Wire Company was founded in 1891 and produced wire, power and telecommunications cables and equipment which was sent all over the world. Over the years, the company expanded to […]

The Lancashire Watch Company Movement Tin

Lancashire Watch Company

The Lancashire Watch Company bought in cases from other companies to sell their watch movements in, although they did make some cases themselves in silver and gunmetal. Sometimes they were sold as “movement only” to jewellers and retailers who would put them in cases. They would be transported in metal tins like this one.

Bronze medal Awarded to Joseph Taylor

Bronze medal Awarded to Joseph Taylor

Joseph Taylor was a filemaker who originally worked in Edward Saggerson’s workshop on Kemble Street. He won this Bronze medal at the 1862 International Exhibition in London, a World’s Fair featuring over 28,000 exhibitors from 36 countries representing industry, technology and the arts. You can see his prizewinning set of 120 files at Prescot Museum. […]

Cable core samples – Made by BIWC/B.I. Cables/BICC

BICC cable samples

BICC kept samples of sections of their cables, often with ivorine labels describing their purposes or where they were laid to display the range they made over the years. Some were mounted as paperweights presumably as staff or corporate gifts. As well as being incredibly beautiful, they show the range of different types of cables […]

Framed chronometer and watch hands

Framed chronometer and watch hands

Exhibited at the 1862 International Exhibition in London, this framed set of watch seconds and chronometer hands was made by William Preston of Eccleston Street. Before the introduction of the mass-production factory system, individual components were made by different specialist makers dotted throughout the town and then assembled by watch finishers. Prescot watchmakers were known […]