David Holmes: Werewolf in a Jetpack

David Holmes Werewolf in a Jet Pack

This week we are looking back at 2017’s ‘Werewolf in a Jetpack’ by artist David Holmes. Not only does it have the most exciting exhibition title in our history, the artworks are fantastic too!

David combines images, layering objects, backgrounds, buildings, photographs and objects to create digital art that crosses genres, using themes from popular culture to create colourful new worlds where anything is possible.

He is also an art teacher, and one of our volunteers, based at Kirkby Gallery!

Biker Fairies versus The Invaders

We asked artist David Holmes to tell us about his creative process – a lot of thought and preparation goes into each artwork!

“Inspired by events – past and current, a phrase in a newspaper report or an item on TV or in a film. Sometimes a line from a song or a title and theme of a retro film, or an image collected years ago from a book or magazine. Anything can be the starting point that I tend to think about more and more leading me to look through my resources of old magazines, books, photographs or objects I have collected.”

“I tend to archive images of anything and everything I come across that I find interesting for future projects. After having an idea for an artwork I may need specific images to use or develop further. In this case I will take my own photographs or search for copyright free images that I can use or manipulate to get the image I need.”

Preparation and editing
“I then amass the collection of “elements” and edit them digitally to cut sections out from their background, reworking and developing the colour, size, texture and lighting etc. to use within the final artwork.”

Creative digital process
“I may make small sketches to set out the initial structure of the artwork, but then I use the computer, mainly Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator to bring the elements together. I let my creativity work through the process of creating the artwork just as I would if using a traditional medium like paint. Working with a graphics tablet and pen to draw and paint with colour, images and layers. An artwork may have about 150-200 layers each with an element of the image on them giving me the flexibility to edit and change till I get it right. This digital process allows the image to develop and grow through many stages until the final artwork is finished.”

David Holmes Werewolf in a Jet Pack