David Holmes: Werewolf in a Jet Pack

David Holmes Werewolf in a Jet Pack

Huyton Gallery is proud to re-introduce the incredible art of David Holmes. Werewolf in a Jet Pack originally opened on 14 August, but following the terrible weather in September, Huyton Gallery had to be temporarily closed due to a problem with the roof.

Repair works are under way, and this fabulous exhibition will re-open on 9 October.

David’s work has previously been exhibited throughout Merseyside and the UK as part of group shows, but this is his first (and technically second!) solo exhibition.

David likes to move between different mediums and processes, mainly through digital imaging, traditional printmaking and papermaking. The main subject of his work is focused on visual culture. We all have access to images everywhere, and David uses this access as a source of inspiration, whether it be digital or from his collection of resource images and photographs. These visual references can become ideas for artworks which present narratives that depict a past, present, or even conjured-up events constructed from the acquired imagery.

Artefacts, sketches, graphics and personal photographs are brought together and manipulated to create an imagined world. The images or elements act as pictorial or vague representations with symbolic meaning to develop and illustrate the narrative. Through constant additions and layering, his digital prints evolve from the construction and organisation of elements utilising digital techniques that are sometimes akin to effects that he also uses in traditional printmaking.

David is one half of Art4Design along with his wife, artist Patricia McDonald-Holmes.