Prescot Museum’s collection tells the story of the Borough, its people, businesses and local traditions.

Do you have an item which you would like to offer to Prescot Museum’s collection?

Call us on 0151 443 4936 or contact us to tell us about it and we will arrange an appointment to meet with you to view the object(s) and find out more.

The Museum staff are also responsible for the Galleries and work across the three venues, so please do not bring items to Prescot Museum without an appointment as we may not be on site.

As Prescot Museum is part of The Prescot Centre, the front desk staff are usually Library or One Stop Shop employees and do not have access to the necessary paperwork or storage facilities to accept the items from you; we don’t want you to have a wasted journey.

Please note: in accordance with its status as an Accredited Museum, Prescot Museum is bound by the terms of its Collections Policy and limited storage space. Prescot Museum cannot accept items which do not have a direct connection to the heritage of Knowsley or its existing collection, but will recommend suitable alternative museums or institutions to approach; in some cases, objects may be taken in for use in educational handling sessions with the donor’s permission.