Family Friday – Create a Portrait!

This week, artist Gary McGillivray has suggested the activity for Family Friday!

“Create a portrait of someone (it could be of someone in your house, a self portrait or a celebrity) and you have to not worry about mess or mistakes. The idea is to keep adding to the same drawing or painting until you get it right. The mess and the errors should hopefully all add to the final painting or drawing.”

“This exercise is not necessarily about likeness, but capturing something about that individual you are painting/drawing. Even if it doesn’t look like them – what you have captured will still make it a good portrait. People get too hung up on things looking EXACTLY like someone. Sometimes you can capture that likeness in other ways. The main thing is to try and have fun, and don’t worry about mistakes.”

As ever, we’d love to see what you create – share photos of your artwork in the comments section of our Home Is Where The Art Is post on our Facebook page