Family Friday – Make your own Covid-19 Capsule

Family Friendly Activities

We’re in the middle of a very strange period in time – normal life has changed while we’re on lockdown to try and stop the coronavirus (Covid-19) from spreading. In years to come when we’re older, we’ll look back on these strange times and realise that we have lived through an important historic event. By making your own Capsule, it will give a snapshot into how life is at the moment and what you are like now.

Once you have completed the sheets of the Capsule, you don’t have to bury them (they’ll probably go all soggy and mouldy if you do), just put them in an envelope or a folder or a box somewhere safe so that one day in the future, whenever you feel like, you can open it up again and look back.

If you haven’t got a printer, don’t worry – just copy the questions onto paper or into a sketch pad or notebook instead.