Family Friday: Write a Limerick

A limerick is a special kind of poem that follows a set pattern of rhyming and timing that creates a rhythm. You’ve probably heard limericks already but you might not have known that’s what they’re called.

They have 5 lines. The 1st line rhymes with the 2nd line and the 5th line. The 2nd and 3rd lines are shorter and they share a different rhyme. The best thing about limericks is that they are light-hearted, fun and often a bit cheeky.

As well as his Nonsense rhymes, Edward Lear wrote lots of limericks; he didn’t invent them, but he helped them to become a popular form of verse. The poem above is an example by one of our very own Gallery Scribblers, poet Ruth Moane.

Pen a limerick to make your family and friends giggle!