Family Friday – FIVE Art Activities

For Family Friday this week, here are 5 activities from Kirkby Gallery’s FIVE exhibition, inspired by each of our featured artists living or working in Knowsley: Leslie Briggs, Gill Cowley, Nick Daly, Mike Kirby and Gary McGillivray.

Gill, Kirkby Gallery volunteer and leader of our Wednesday art courses, says: “I was delighted to have had my first exhibition in my home town of Kirkby. An ambition realised!”

Leslie Briggs says: “It was a wonderful experience with the other artists involved, the studio centre was inspiring and I created some good pieces. Being in the centre of all the works & able to talk to the public who came to view the exhibition gave them an insight of what the artists do which made it really enjoyable.”

Mike Kirby says: “Participating in the Five Exhibition was a real honour. I have taken part in many shows both in Liverpool and London, but to have a show in your home town is special and memorable. Meeting other artists, talking, and seeing how they work was very interesting.”

Take a look at Mike’s painting and see if you can spot the differences between that and the worksheet – can you find them all?

Gary says: “The FIVE exhibition was a great show to take part in. It generated a lot of interest for the gallery – and I guess that’s because it was five artists with five different audiences attending. There was a genuine interest from the wider community too. remember there being a real buzz of excitement everywhere just before it started, and the opening night solidified that feeling as it had a great turnout. Exhibiting and working alongside four other artists was interesting – I really enjoyed painting inside the gallery space alongside Leslie Briggs.”

Nick Daly says: “I was really surprised and delighted when Tina asked me to be a part of the FIVE Exhibition, due to the fact that I had only entered the Open Art Exhibition a few times and the other artists were more experienced than me. I was in my first year of university while the exhibition was being developed, and it was an enlightening experience due to it being my first foray into the art world. Another rewarding aspect was the Artist in Residence element of the exhibition, where I met various interesting gallery visitors and felt as though I was a part of something special. It is something I will appreciate for years to come, as well as the friendships with the other artists (Leslie, Gill, Gary, Mike and Tina) who I still communicate with to this day. I will always be grateful for the opportunity.”