This week we have chosen to feature Kirkby Gallery’s 2018’s FIVE exhibition, which showcased five of the best painters working or living in the borough of Knowsley: Leslie Briggs, Gill Cowley, Nick Daly, Mike Kirby and Gary McGillivray.

Curator Tina says: “I invited these artists to exhibit together as a show of force in representing how good and vibrant our local artists are.

I also wanted to illustrate to them the uncanny parities in approaches to subject matter and painterly styles without their knowledge or intention. The team and I have been fortunate over the years to see their practices develop and improve.”

“There was a studio space set up within the gallery so the artists could work and interact with visitors at the same time, which was really popular and boosted their confidence.

Best of all, what came out of this exhibition was a new network of Knowsley visual artists who are still in active touch and conversation now”.

Leslie Briggs