From Kirkby with Love

at Kirkby Gallery, 3 February – 3 April 2020.

For this exciting and ambitious new exhibition, Liverpool based artist and sculptor, Philip Garrett has created an extensive body of new work over the last few months, displayed here alongside a selection of his earlier pieces.

He has been exploring the many faces of Knowsley through drawing and sculpture, with the subjects heavily informed by suggestions offered up by the public. He has also captured local figures from history to commemorate and celebrate them in sculpture. Philip uses a traditional approach, with the work aiming to reclaim traditional techniques as an expressive medium for today’s creative concerns and social struggles. Working directly from life and social observation, it is a body of work that uses portraiture and landscape to tell our community’s stories.

As part of his journey and research across the borough, he has worked with multiple schools, in both the pursuit of subjects to depict and also to teach drawing and sculpture to our next generation of artists. A selection of this work produced by Knowsley school pupils features in the show, adding another dimension to the display and providing a wonderful opportunity for the aspiring artists to see their work displayed professionally.

This exhibition and project name came from the artist’s interest in the role of municipal galleries, especially those in areas of economic challenges and declining industries. Unique to this show, Philip has fostered new creative twinnings between Knowsley and other regional art venues, producing commissioned work to remember a local figure that has had a strong, positive impact on their local community. From this generous creative gesture, celebrating local communities and fostering new partnerships, it serves to demonstrate how our exhibition and actions come ‘From Kirkby with Love’.

Philip Garrett painting Pam at Kirkby Gallery