Gill’s Wednesday Art Challenge – Clothing & Fashion

For Gill’s Wednesday Art Challenge this week, be inspired by depictions of clothing and fashion. You could even capture a favourite item of clothing that you have, or a dream garment that you long for. Share your finished work with us!

Here are three paintings of clothing that Emily, Vicky and Tina have chosen:

Emily loves this take on one of the great 18th century painters: The Morning Walk: In Homage to Thomas Gainsborough by Christopher Neil Lewis Penny…/keyword:fashion–region:engl…/page/1

Vicky loves this pose/gaze/eyebrow/cardigan combo: Jeunesse dorée by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst…/search/keyword:jeunesse-doree/page/1

Tina loves tabards and aprons (especially useful clothing with pockets!) : A Peasant Family at Meal-time (‘Grace before Meat’) by Jan Steen…/a-p…/search/keyword:jan-steen/page/4