Gill’s Wednesday Art Challenge – Design a Pattern

This week’s challenge is to create a pattern based on an object. There are a number of ways you can do this:

Sketch an item – it can be absolutely anything. Then, look at your drawing, and choose a section of the image and use that as the basis of your pattern.

Look at the item you have chosen and sketch elements of it. You could focus on tiny details of it, or you could focus on the overall shapes and colours.

You can create a pattern using faithfully recreated elements of the object, or you could stylise the forms so that they become more fluid, or even more geometric – it’s up to you! You could take inspiration from an artist or art movement.

Gill had a rhododendron bud in her garden clippings which she used as the basis for her pattern, and she took inspiration from William Morris. First she painted it faithfully, then took aspects of its shape and colours to create a repeat pattern in a colourful formal arrangement.

Let your imagination run wild! As ever, we’d love to see what you create. Post images of your work in the comments section of our Home Is Where The Art Is pinned post on our Facebook page.