Gill’s Wednesday Art Challenge – Urban Sketching

For this week’s challenge, be inspired by the streets around you. The above image is Decay no.6 by Mike Kirby, which featured in Kirkby Gallery’s 2018 FIVE exhibition.

If you are unable to leave your home, pick a window or doorway that you can look through, or even go into your front garden if you have one.

If you feel confident in going outside to sketch, make sure you choose a location where you can safely maintain social distancing.

Look at the buildings, details and features – walls, fences, plants, lampposts, cars, brick, stone, tarmac – so many textures and strong lines. You might even include a passerby or two.

It’s up to you whether you try and capture a large vista or focus in on a particular, and you can use whichever medium you feel most comfortable with, although drawing with pens or pencils may be the most practical option.

As ever, we’d love to see what you create – post photos of your artwork in the comments section of our Home Is Where The Art Is pinned post on our Facebook page.