Back in 2011, Huyton Gallery hosted Held, a fabulous exhibition of mixed media pieces by 40 artists who attended or worked at Start, a Manchester service passionate about the healing power of art.

Each artwork illustrates a way that the artist looks after their wellbeing, exploring the idea that the key to our health may be held in our own hands.

In Held you can see the many concepts explored by the group of artists who are learning how to manage significant health challenges, and who see creativity as an integral part of their mental wellbeing. We thought that even though it’s ten years on, this exhibition is more relevant than ever, as we all struggle to cope with a new way of life in lockdown.

Start also offers a free-to-all NHS online service which you may find helpful www.Start2.co.uk

A new campaign encouraging people to look after their mental health has recently been launched across Cheshire and Merseyside that we would like to share with you. Let’s Keep Talking encourages everyone to keep talking to those people that they trust the most, whether friends, family or colleagues, about their mental health.

Find support at www.kindtoyourmind.org