Buy your own original artworks – bid on a piece at the Affordable Art Auction!

Kirkby Gallery Thursday 9 May, 5pm-8pm

The 18th annual Knowsley Open Art Exhibition  is a salon-hang style visual extravaganza, and the majority of the works on display are for sale. This year, to make the exhibition all the more exciting, the artworks will be sold at a live auction conducted by celebrity auctioneer Adam Partridge, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards the Friends of Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum charitable trust to support their work.

Ordinarily in an auction, the seller would pay a fee to the auction house, and the buyer pays a commission fee on top of the “hammer price”,  a percentage of the price they bid. We have decided to keep things easy for the buyers in our Affordable Art Auction, so the price that is bid is the price that is paid. We will deduct the commission from the “hammer price” so that the artist will receive the majority of the “hammer price”, and a percentage goes to the Friends of Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum to help cover the cost of buying new equipment and works for the collection. 

View the lots available to bid on in the Affordable Art Auction by clicking on the images below:


If you would like to bid on artwork(s) in the Affordable Art Auction, you must register in advance to bid (this also acts as an RSVP), or you can leave an absentee bid if you are unable to attend.

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As in previous years, artists wishing to sell their work set the price of their piece(s), but this year that amount will be a reserve price, meaning that in the auction, bids must reach at least that price otherwise they will not be sold. Of course, in the exciting atmosphere of an auction, there may well be a bidding war and the hammer price could go much higher!

Affordable Art Auction commission tableArtists will receive 70% of the hammer price, with the other 30% going to Friends of Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum (unless they choose to give more as a donation).

To make things easier for everyone, we have made a table of prices showing the amount of commission that would be deducted as a donation.

As ever, the public will vote for the Visitor’s Choice for the Open (adults) and Young Artists Open (under 18s), and prizes will be awarded to the three most popular pieces in each category.

There will also be the Reg Robinson Award and the Adult Disability Service Award, selected by our panel.