Making an Impression

Prints by Manet, Pissarro and their Contemporaries

Postponed until further notice.

This spring, Kirkby Gallery proudly presents the work of internationally recognised artists including Mary Cassatt, Paul Cézanne, Edouard Manet, Berthe Morisot, Camille Pissarro, Lucien Pissarro and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The Impressionists are best known for their colourful paintings of modern life and the landscape but many also used print as a medium. By utilising a wide variety of print techniques, they blurred the boundaries between prints and drawings.

This exhibition, kindly on loan from the Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology collection contains over 30 etchings, lithographs, aquatints and dry points grouped into three sections: Modern Life, Portraits, and Landscapes & Labour.

Visitors can research the featured artists in our Reading Room, with a wealth of resources and comfy seating.

Miss Lydia, by Mary Cassatt
Camille Pissarro, Women Weeding the Grass, for 'The Labours of the Fields'

Exhibition organised by the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford.