David Holmes: Werewolf in a Jetpack

David Holmes Werewolf in a Jet Pack

This week we are looking back at 2017’s ‘Werewolf in a Jetpack’ by artist David Holmes. Not only does it have the most exciting exhibition title in our history, the artworks are fantastic too! David combines images, layering objects, backgrounds, buildings, photographs and objects to create digital art that crosses genres, using themes from popular […]

Family Friday – Create a Portrait!

This week, artist Gary McGillivray has suggested the activity for Family Friday! “Create a portrait of someone (it could be of someone in your house, a self portrait or a celebrity) and you have to not worry about mess or mistakes. The idea is to keep adding to the same drawing or painting until you […]

Gill’s Wednesday Art Challenge – Urban Sketching

For this week’s challenge, be inspired by the streets around you. The above image is Decay no.6 by Mike Kirby, which featured in Kirkby Gallery’s 2018 FIVE exhibition. If you are unable to leave your home, pick a window or doorway that you can look through, or even go into your front garden if you […]

Gary McGillivray: Deconstruction

This week we are celebrating local artist Gary McGillivray’s exhibition Deconstruction, at Kirkby Gallery earlier this year. Gary has been kind enough to answer a few questions for us… Who is Gary’s biggest inspiration? “It’s difficult to pinpoint any one person. There are a few people who have all had an effect on me; Matisse, […]

Family Friday – Stories in the Landscape

Anthony Ratcliffe’s artwork is inspired by the views from the places he visits. He lives in the countryside, and likes to explore Britain using maps. He also enjoys looking for places referenced in poems and stories and going to visit them in real life. As well as his paintings, drawings and prints, he also writes […]

Gill’s Wednesday Art Challenge – Design a Pattern

This week’s challenge is to create a pattern based on an object. There are a number of ways you can do this: Sketch an item – it can be absolutely anything. Then, look at your drawing, and choose a section of the image and use that as the basis of your pattern. Look at the […]

Anthony Ratcliffe: Shoreline and Watershed

This week we are celebrating Anthony Ratcliffe’s 2013 exhibition, Shoreline and Watershed. We had woodcut prints, watercolours, drawings, sketchbooks, alongside maps of the areas and poetry that inspired him. We were so impressed with Anthony’s work that we held a second exhibition at Kirkby Gallery in 2019, Northern Stone and Peat Smoke. The exhibition was […]

Family Friday – Favourite Toys

Be inspired by the toys and games in our Toys Through Time display, and talk to your family about what they played with when they were your age. Do they remember any of the toys in the photographs? Draw or paint your favourite toys, and make time to play with them too!

Knowsley Borough of Culture 2022

Extended deadline: Monday 22 June 2020 Knowsley Borough of Culture 2022 – Call out for creative ideas and expressions of interest Knowsley will be the Liverpool City Region’s Borough of Culture in 2022 which is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and create. Our communities have been part of shaping the vision and themes for our […]

Wednesday Art Challenge – Toys and Games

Inspired by our exhibition of the week, create a piece of art representing a favourite toy or game, or even your family and friends playing. What do you remember playing with when you were little, and do you still have it? As ever, we’d love to see your finished artwork – post it in the […]