Behind the Scenes at Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum

This week we’re working behind-the-scenes at Kirkby Gallery preparing the space for our forthcoming exhibition of our Picturing 100 Years project. As we’re not yet able to open, it will be a virtual exhibition, and we will be showing lots of images over three weeks from 23 November onwards, and even a film of the […]

Family Friday – Paint Irene!

For Family Friday, we want to invite you to paint ‘our Irene’. We don’t have many photographs of Irene so we thought she should inspire this week’s subject for our Friday creative activity to do from home. Please share photos of your paintings with us, either by posting on our Facebook page, or email them […]

Irene Sumner: Memories

Supporting local talent and creative activity is central to all we do within the Culture Development & Events Service, so this week, we’re remembering an inspirational local artist who has left a wonderful legacy for the people of Knowsley to enjoy. We were contacted in 2018 about the potential donation of a collection of paintings […]

Family Friday – Design your own Disc!

For #FamilyFriday this week, be inspired by the incredible music that was recorded in Kirkby at Amazon Studios and the amazing album cover artwork produced to go with it – imagine you are making your own album! If you were going to release an album, would you be a solo artist or would you be […]

Music Made on Merseyside at Amazon Studios

Although Liverpool is known worldwide for its contribution to music, we were thrilled to be able to reveal a particularly local claim to musical fame that hasn’t had the coverage it deserves – so many groundbreaking and era-defining acts recorded at Kirkby’s Amazon Studios in the 1970s and 80s! We were lucky to be able […]

Family Friday – Design your own biscuit tin!

Did you know there was once a biscuit factory in Huyton? Huntley & Palmers opened in 1955. There was a special shop for the staff where they could buy discount biscuits and cakes, so people with relatives working at the factory always had lots of tasty treats! For Family Friday, be inspired by the items […]

Made on Merseyside

It’s been a whole year since Made on Merseyside opened in Kirkby Gallery – the time has passed so quickly and yet it seems so long ago, so we thought it would be the perfect time to remind everyone of what a brilliant exhibition it was, and how marvellous Merseyside is. As there are, and […]

Picturing 100 Years of Royal Corps of Signals Communications Technology

Captain Bob Dobson shows a range of communications equipment used by the Royal Corps of Signals, now part of the Army Reserve Collection he has amassed at Alamein Barracks in Huyton, home of 33 Signal Squadron. Some of these objects will feature in the Picturing 100 Years exhibition at Kirkby Gallery, alongside artwork and creative […]

Picturing 100 Years, introduced by Captain Bob Dobson

Captain Bob Dobson of 33 Signal Squadron talks about his early years in the Armed Forces, and introduces the ‘Picturing 100 Years’ project in collaboration with Knowsley Culture Development and Events Service. The project, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Trust, celebrates the centenary of the Royal Corps of Signals and will enable the local […]