Paul Romano: The Beginning of a Great Adventure

Paul Romano Beginning of a Great Adventure

This week, we’re looking back on 2017’s solo show from Liverpool artist Paul Romano: ‘The Beginning of a Great Adventure’. Paul’s expressive paintings are the result of his organic approach, often reworking and redeveloping his images.

Magician (shown above) featured in the exhibition and was later added to our collection thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum. Paul is influenced by graffiti art, which can be clearly seen in this particular work, with his loose, layered and energetic markmaking. There are also window-like inclusions of other materials on the canvas to add three dimensions to the piece, almost making an architectural structure to be graffitied. Magician is also part of our ‘Love Art Loan Art’ scheme, and is currently on display at Eastcroft Park School in Kirkby, a benefit of the school’s FOKGPM membership.

Based at Liverpool’s Duke Street Studios and very much part of the Liverpool art scene, his work is owned by collectors worldwide, but this was Paul’s first exhibition in Knowsley. He shared studio space with Cherie Grist, and his exhibition at Huyton Gallery followed on directly from hers.

Since 2017, Paul has exhibited work in the Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool Town Hall, Editions Gallery, and Cass Art. In June 2019 he had a permanent exhibition installed at Liverpool Lime Street Station – keep an eye out next time you are able to travel there!