Practicing Portraits

Our new online Kirkby Gallery Art School led by acclaimed portrait artist Gill Cowley is aimed primarily at young artists aged 5 to 11, but can also be enjoyed by those up to 16, or even adult beginners. The Practicing Portraits classes can be used by teachers in school with their pupils or enjoyed by families at home.

Knowsley Sports & Culture Awards‘ Adult Artist of the Year 2017, Gill’s portraits of local legends have won three Knowsley Open exhibitions, the West Lancashire Open and the Sefton Open.

Pre-lockdown, Gill taught the Wednesday Art Classes for adults and Little BIG Art Club at Kirkby Gallery, as well as exhibiting there. Starting with the basics, Gill will be sharing tips and tricks over 7 weeks from 14 April onwards to create the perfect portrait.

Like all our online Kirkby Gallery Art Schools, it is free to sign up. You will then receive a weekly Practicing Portraits info pack via email with instructions, images and links to films of Gill demonstrating how to capture a likeness, step-by-step.

Gill will show examples of her work and portraits by other artists and tell you about them. She will set tasks, pose questions and discussion topics for you to join in with. Only basic art materials are needed.

Free “ask the artist” live-streamed sessions are available just for schools to book so that classes can have a Q&A with Gill and get feedback on their work!

Find out more and sign up here…