Stories from Beyond the Door

Stories from beyond the Door is the new incarnation of the From Pen to Paper project which has been adapted to work online in light of Covid-19. From Pen to Paper was the first Friends of Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum community project focusing on creative writing, and it remains a key part of our […]

Artwork donations

The Friends of Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum have made considerable donations to Knowsley Council’s Art Collection, purchasing original pieces from artists that have had solo exhibitions in Kirkby Gallery. These have included works by Willy Russell, Anthony Ratcliffe, Ruth Moilliet and Steve Talbot, to name but a few. These artworks have been donated with […]

Dennis Moore Reference Library

We have all sorts of different artefacts donated to Prescot Museum, one special example is historian Dennis Moore’s reference books and research notes, purchased by Friends of Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum and gifted to the collection. The Friends of Kirkby Gallery & Prescot Museum (FOKGPM) was established in June 2017, with the primary aim […]

Kirkby Gallery Summer Art School

Explore Impressionism with our free online Kirkby Gallery Summer Art School. It ran every Wednesday over the Summer holidays, 22 July to 26 August, with weekly Impressionism-themed activities and information packs. You can still enjoy the course, which is in six modules below. There are no deadlines, external assessments or qualifications awarded, this is purely […]