‘Teacher First’ Exhibition Preview: Approaching Thunder at Kirkby Gallery

Approaching Thunder

‘Teacher First’ Exhibition Preview: Approaching Thunder at Kirkby Gallery.  Behind the Scenes Walk & Talk

Thursday 25 January 2018, 3.45 – 4.30pm (immediately followed by the exhibition launch, 4.30 – 6.30pm)

Kirkby Gallery is delighted to present Approaching Thunder, as the first gallery on its national tour. This is an opportunity for teaching staff to see this exhibition before it opens to the public.

This exhibition draws from The Hepworth Wakefield’s outstanding collection of 1940s British works on paper, revisiting a decade of anxiety, austerity and idealism that resonates strongly with our lives today. With materials strictly rationed and the art market in crisis, leading artists such as John Piper Graham Sutherland and Edward Bawden turned to the inexpensive medium of paper.

Although a substantial number of works in the show were produced under the patronage of Kenneth Clark’s War Artists Advisory Committee, these images are in marked contrast to the idealised state propaganda embodied in the art of Nazi Germany. Though government-regulated, the works exhibited here convey individual and subjective experience, exploring ordinary lives under extraordinary shared circumstances. Figures are lost in thought or absorbed in their labours; intricately described landscapes reveal devastation but also the lingering vitality of the natural world.

This event will allow teachers to see behind the scenes and the educational space designed for class/group visits. It is a great opportunity to view what’s on offer for schools and find out how to book a free place for your school group to visit the exhibition.

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