Wednesday Art Challenge – Still Life

For Gill’s Wednesday Art Challenge this week – create a still life.

A still life is a work of art usually depicting inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which are either natural (food, flowers, plants, rocks, shells, even meat, fish and dead animals) or man-made (drinking glasses, books, vases, jewellery, coins, pipes, etc.). Often, the objects chosen to be in the images are riddled with symbolism, and go beyond merely representing a random assortment of things.

The term derives from the Dutch ‘stilleven’ from about 1650 as a collective name for this type of subject matter. Artists who have artworks best associated with still life include, Cezanne, Monet, Van Gogh, Chagall, Rembrandt and hopefully, at the end of this week, you!

If ever there was a time to produce an artwork inspired by this week’s focus, utilising objects from home and exploring areas such as composition, light and shadow and even your experience of lockdown, this is it.

These works are, left to right: Adams Apple by Eileen Agar, 1949, and Still Life with Sugar Basin by E.Q. Nicholson, 1943.
Part of The Hepworth Wakefield’s collection, they featured in Kirkby Gallery’s Approaching Thunder exhibition in 2018.