Which is your favourite piece of Prescot’s history?

A History of Lancashire in 70 Objects

Which of these five items deserves a place in the history of Lancashire?

We want your vote to help decide which of its artefacts should be part of a museum trail charting 70 items which capture the rich history of Lancashire. Take a look at our Top 5 items and vote for YOUR favourite to be included here. Voting closes at 10pm on Sunday 22 January 2017.

Although Knowsley is now a separate borough, created in 1974 when the boundaries were altered, the towns that make up Knowsley were originally within the County Palatine of Lancashire.

Prescot Museum is filled with fascinating objects with stories to tell. We are hoping that one of them will be included in an exciting project, A History of Lancashire in 70 Objects, and we need your help to do it.

A History of Lancashire in 70 Objects is an 18 month partnership between Lancashire Heritage Learning, Museum Development North West and Lancashire Life magazine. The project aims to engage communities across the County Palatine with objects and stories held in their local museums, galleries and heritage venues. It also aims to engage with new audiences and promote visits across all participating venues. The project has been awarded a grant of £55,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project is part of next year’s 70th anniversary celebrations for Lancashire Life magazine and will involve museums, galleries and heritage centres across the old county palatine of Lancaster. Heritage venues across the county palatine are invited to host community engagement events for visitors to select one object from their collections that tells something of Lancashire’s long and fascinating story.

From all the objects and stories collected, 70 will be chosen for inclusion in Lancashire Life. The venues will display their object, complete with its associated story and a booklet giving the venues of all the participating venues will be produced to encourage visits to the venues. For children and families, an ‘I-spy’ type trail guide will also be included.

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