Liverpool & Knowsley Book Art Exhibition: Frankenstein 2018

This week, we’re revisiting the Liverpool and Knowsley Book Art exhibition: Frankenstein 2018. It was done in partnership with Liverpool Book Art, Liverpool Central Library and Kirkby Gallery.

The theme of the exhibition marked 200 years since the first edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus was published.Frankenstein is a classic work: not only is it arguably the very first work of science fiction, but it is also a core text of Gothic literature. Book artists from around the world responded to Frankenstein with a hugely creative range of ideas.

The exhibition ran alongside another literature-inspired exhibition, Steve Talbot’s Byron’s Bear and other fables. Find out more about it here

Kirkby Gallery volunteer Jen has chosen these two exhibitions as her favourites: “The children who visited really lost themselves creating different artworks, especially the mini monsters! I also purchased my first artist’s piece from Steve Talbot – a dome with The Little Prince collage. The Little Prince is one of my favourite stories, with my daughter reading out part of the story at my son’s wedding; very special exhibitions indeed!”